W/b 18th Jan 2021

Welcome to our nursery remote learning page.
Here we will share stories, activities and tasks for you to complete while learning at home with your grown up.
Grown ups please be aware that some links on this page may take you to websites away from the school website so please do not allow children to navigate this page without supervision.
This term our focus is 
Winter - The weather and nature.
Each week we will share a different story.
Our story this week is
The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
If you have your own copy of The Gruffalo read it with your grown up.  If you don't have a copy listen to this one with your grown up.
Parents - You can enhance your child's learning by discussing the story and asking simple questions, depending on your child's age and development.
Such as...
'What are these?' 'Who is this?' while pointing at an object or character in the book.
'What is the mouse doing?' 'Who is flying / sitting / walking?'
'What animals can you see?'

Listening game
Grown ups listen to these sounds with your child.  Can they guess what the sound is before the picture is revealed?
Here Chef Tumble struggles to sort big and small.
 In your home
Can you find a big toy and a small toy?
A big t-shirt and a small t-shirt?
Can you crouch down and make yourself small?
What else can you find that is big or small?

In these clips Rodd looks at numbers 1 and 2
Song Time!
Go for a walk in your local area with your grown up. 
Below is a list of items you can look for.
Maybe you can look for big and small things too!
Remember to have a think about what you need to wear to keep warm and  try your best to put your own coat and shoes on as you get ready.
Share pictures of your walk and what you find with us via email or Facebook.
We look forward to seeing them!
Our introduction and parent information videos are still available to view on last weeks page.