Consultation on admission arrangements 2020/2021

We will be consulting on our admission arrangements for 2020/2021 through Plymouth City Council. The consultation will be live between 10 December 2018 and 20 January 2019. If you wish to find out about our policy or make any comment, please visit


Foundation Stage 1

High Street’s Foundation Stage 1 at present accommodates 36 pupils per session. Children are admitted to Foundation Stage 1 at the age of 3+ on a part time basis. Priority is given to those children whose parents live in the Stonehouse area and have older brothers and sisters who attend our school. Four year old children will have priority over younger children. Parents are asked to enter the names of future entrants to the Foundation Stage 1 well before their starting date.

The Foundation Stage 1 unit and Foundation Stage 2 class are now working more closely together to form our Foundation Stage.

Admission arrangements to High Street Primary Academy are the responsibility of the Local Authority. Each academic year the Authority sets a planned admissions number (PAN) determining the number of entrants the school can accept into the Foundation Stage 2 class. Parents need to apply to the local authority for a place. Even if your child is in our nursery, you still have to apply to them for a place in the main school.

Guidance for Starting School 2019

 The Infant Department (Key Stage 1)

Children are usually admitted to the Foundation Stage 2 class before they are five. The school now operates a one-term entry system.

The Junior department (Key Stage 2)

Children will progress into the Juniors when they are seven and will move on to their secondary school life when they are eleven.


The school is part of Reach South Academy Trust.  Reach South Academy Trust have determined the admissions policy for 2018/19, following a public consultation in line with the national admissions code.  The admissions policy for 2018/19 for our school is here, together with a Word version of the Supplementary Information Form for admission applications from staff: