W/b 25th Jan 2021

Welcome to our nursery remote learning page.
Here we will share stories, activities and tasks for you to complete while learning at home with your grown up.
Grown ups please be aware that some links on this page may take you to websites away from the school website so please do not allow children to navigate this page without supervision.
Please share your child's any special moments with us.  We would love to see your creations, any mark making and language used by your child while mark making and adventures you have!
Our story this week is
The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
If you have your own copy of The Gruffalo's Child read it with your grown up.  If you don't have a copy listen to this one with your grown up.
Area of Learning - Communication & Language.  Literacy.


Parents - You can enhance your child's learning by discussing the story and asking simple questions, depending on your child's age and development.
Such as...

'What are these?' 'Who is this?' while pointing at an object or character in the book.

'What is the Gruffalo doing?' 'Who is sleeping?'

Point to the Gruffalo and point to the Gruffalo's child, tell your child 'This is the Gruffalo, this is the Gruffalo's child'.  Ask 'How are they different?'

'What animals can you see?'

'Tell me something that you can sit on that is not the log.'

'Why does the Gruffalo tell his child not to go into the wood?'

'How do you think the Gruffalo's child feels?'

'Why do you think the Gruffalo's child looks scared?'

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's child live in a cave.
Can you build your own cave?
Area of Learning - Expressive Arts & Design
You could use some chairs and blankets, a table, sofa cushions, a big box or maybe a pop up tent.
Make it cosy!
What will you do in your cave?
Maybe you could pretend to be the Gruffalo's child.
Send us some pictures via email.
The Gruffalo's Child went for a walk through the deep dark wood and followed footprints in the snow, meeting fox, owl, snake and the brown mouse along the way.
Could you go for a walk?
Area of Learning - Physical development
Before you go have a look at the weather, what will you need to wear to keep warm?
Try your best to put on your own shoes or boots and try to put your coat on too, maybe even try to zip it up!
What do you see on your walk?
Are there any animals, what sounds do they make?
Do you see any footprints?
Are they big or small, who could they belong too?
Share pictures of you getting ready and any fun moments while you are out on your walk.
The mouse uses the moonlight and his body to create a shadow to scare the Gruffalo's child.
Area of Learning - Physical Development. Understanding the World
Do you have a torch and a dark space to explore your shadow and make shadow puppets?
If you don't have a torch use could use sunlight.
Can you move your body in variety ways to create different shapes?
Have fun and don't forget to send us pictures!
The Gruffalo is big and the Gruffalo's child is small.
These songs are about big and small.
What can you find that is big?
What can you find that is small?
Area of Learning - Maths
Can you sort these characters by their size?
Area of Learning - Maths. Physical Development.
If you have a printer and some scissors you could cut out the images.
Are there any other ways you can sort the characters?
Share with us pictures of your cutting and sorting.
Our introduction and parent information videos are still available to view - click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.