At High Street Primary Academy we have adopted the Concentric Curriculum. This curriculum offers a structured, comprehensive and progressive sequence of objectives to ensure all pupils have the chance to learn and over learn key skills in an engaging way.The Concentric Curriculum enables depth of understanding in a number of ways: the model is robustly designed in a sequential way, ensuring that objectives are revisited and built on not only within a term or year, but also over a key stage; purposeful inter- and intra- curricular links are exploited to best effect to encourage “connected” learning; and children are provided with a context for all learning which raises engagement and enjoyment.

Leaders, teachers and other stakeholders are provided with absolute clarity around what is to be taught and at what level. Objectives in both foundation and core subjects are standardised, allowing teachers to measure progress in all subjects. 

The Concentric Curriculum also allows children to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage in their education. This means ensuring children are confident in reading, writing and maths, which supports them in fully accessing the broad curriculum and enrichment opportunities available. They are challenged not only to develop their understanding, but to master and articulate it. The intent is for our pupils to become  successful, self-motivated, independent learners who love to learn and talk about their learning journeys. By threading through lots of opportunities for experiential learning including visits, visitors and practical lessons we are also developing children's life-long skills; developing their understanding of the wider world and their place within it. 
We ensure that children are at the forefront of their own learning; that they have the skills and language to identify what they need to ensure that they meet expectations. We use 'knowledge organisers’ to help pupils to organise their learning and be aware of where they are on their learning journey. Each theme has clearly defined end points to prepare pupils for the next stage of their learning. Planned assessment opportunities identify pupils’ progress; misconceptions are timely addressed, securing long term memory.
The curriculum reflects the schools’ context by addressing typical gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills:
  • Early identification of children’s varied starting points.
  • Tailored support to ensure children make rapid and sustained progress, e.g speech and language therapy, ELSA, social skills groups, vocabulary and oracy development.
  • The curriculum is sufficiently adapted to meet the needs of SEND pupils.
  • Skills are taught in a progressive manner that is relevant to the context of the school.
We place a strong emphasis on the development of the basic skills and their application in a range of contexts necessary to be confident independent learners. Long term curriculum overviews detail which content is taught at what time and includes coverage of all curriculum subjects. This is transferred onto termly grids which lay out the work to be covered in each week or block of weeks. The curriculum maps for each class can be found below.
Maths and English are taught through a mastery approach which ensures a focus on high quality and timely feedback to all children. Staff produce engaging flip charts to direct whole class teaching, and children are offered layers of challenge to develop and embed learning. English lessons are centred around high quality texts and the maths curriculum is supported by the rich resources of White Rose Hub. Large, more complex learning goals and broken down into daily steps offering a progressive and supportive approach to the purposeful practise and acquisition of key concepts. Staff do not focus on one core group within each lesson but direct their support where and when it is needed to ensure accelerated progress for all.
The impact of the curriculum is measured in standards achieved, progress made and personal qualities acquired.
The impact of our curriculum is seen when:
  • Pupils produce work of a consistently high standard.
  • Pupils make positive progress from their given start points.
  • Pupils achieve well in the standard assessment tasks when compared to the national benchmarks.
  • Pupils enjoy memorable, worthwhile experiences developing their cultural capital.
  • Pupils experience high quality teaching and successfully achieve their end points.
  • Pupils are able to and are ambitious about their own successes.
  • Pupils are assessment-capable learners who see assessment as a tool to accelerate their own progress. 
As a staff we look for, and measure, these benchmarks in a range of ways including the collection of pupil voice, book monitoring and data scrutiny. All staff are accountable for ALL pupil progress and well-being. We ensure this by the use of staff to lead and develop subjects across key stages; involving them in the collection and monitoring of key performance indicators in order to sustain a continuous drive for improvement.
The Curriculum Map
The Concentric Curriculum maps show all of the learning covered throughout the year. The children work through the mini missions although mixed aged classes complete a range of missions from each year group. All work is matched to children's age and stage need.
For your child's termly learning, please see their class page. Termly overviews and knowledge organisers will be sent home each term so that you can support your child with their learning as much as possible.