Welcome to High Street Nursery
Nursery Manager - Ms Withey
Nursery Nurse - Mrs Cleave
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Strathearn
Our nursery offers a warm, friendly atmosphere for children aged 2 to school age.  We believe in creating a fantastic learning environment for children to learn, develop, explore and have fun.  We believe it is valuable to be covered in paint, get muddy, take risks and learn through play.
We offer an environment where there are high expectations, we aim for children to become resilient and independent learners.  Throughout their learning journey we support children in their friendships, social and emotional development and self care.
Nursery places
If you are looking for a place for a 2 year old, it is encouraged to put your child on the waiting list at least the term before they turn 2.  We have limited spaces and these fill up very quickly. Please enquire if you need a space or would like to add your child to the list.
Children are entitled to a Nursery place the term after they turn 3. If your child is ready for a place, please contact the school reception for an application pack.
In nursery we love to sing and dance!
Here are links to some of our favourite songs and rhymes.
Links will access websites away from the school website.  We advise that you do not allow your children to navigate the internet independently.






These are some of the children's favourite stories!







Read Write Inc Phonics
Children that are due to start school in September will start their Read Write Inc sessions each January.
Below is a parent information video to explain what Read Write Inc.
During your child's time in nursery we will focus on Speed Set 1.
Initially we become familiar with Speed set 1 by teaching the children to name the pictures.  For example 'a' is in the shape of an apple, 'd' is in the shape of a dinosaur.
After this stage we will begin to focus on the letter sounds.  
It is important that we use pure sounds when learning, below is a video to explain how to say the sounds.