About Remote Learning During Lockdown

For the duration of this lockdown, we at High Street are committed to doing what we can to keep your children's education consistent and on-track.
Our teachers will be uploading English, Maths and Topic challenges for your children to complete, in an effort to keep the disruption to their learning to a minimum. 
These learning challenges will be based around a range of videos, images, extracts from texts, and more... all of which will be found on the year group pages linked below. We ,will make them live at 8pm the night before so that parents can review the learning before the children see the tasks the next day. This way carers can support the learning more effectively by having an understanding of what the children need to accomplish each day.
We will continue to use ClassDojo, which allows us to communicate with parents and children personally via instant messaging and class posts. It will also allow you to share your children's learning with us digitally. For a guide on how to download the ClassDojo app and get set up, click on the link to the parents' guide below.
It's really important that parents ensure that their children can access their learning each day. This may mean helping them to read the activities and challenges that have been set for them. However, if there's any additional help or guidance you need, please do get in touch with us via the School Office, either via phone call (01752 225649) or by email (high.st.primary.school@plymouth.gov.uk), or use the ClassDojo app to send your child's teacher a direct message. 
A member of our team will be in contact with every child at least once a week, to make sure your children's wellbeing is being supported by us properly, and to offer any help with their home learning. 
By using Google classrooms we can see the learning your child completes each day. You can also send us pictures using the 'stream' in Classroom or continue to use Dojo to share home learning with us.
We hope that, by working together with our children's parents, we can minimise the effect that this lockdown would have on our children's education, and that we can support our parents in whatever way that we can. 
Please get in touch if there's any home learning help you require from us!
Warmest regards,
Team High Street