Year 5

This year's teacher for Year 5 is Mr Towers and his Teaching Assistant is Mrs Couling.
Activity Week! 17.06.19 - 21.06.19
Kurling, archery, street dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, mountain biking, orienteering, frisbee golf.
These are just some of the vast range of activities the pupils were fortunate enough to experience throughout the week!
Widening Horizons
All of the children in Year 5 are lucky enough to be taking part in the exciting Widening Horizons project. We will be taking part in a range of activities and visits which are aimed at inspiring the children to think about the world of work.
Keep an eye out for photos and updates about our upcoming trips to the following venues:
National Marine Aquarium, Princess Yachts, EE, Foot Anstey, Mayflower Marina, and many more!
Widening Horizons trip to Foot Anstey! 13.06.19
The children went to Foot Anstey and learnt all about the different jobs that exist within a law firm.
Widening Horizons trip to Peninsula Dental!
Peninsula Medical 01.05.19
Below are some photos of our amazing Widening Horizons trip to Peninsula Medical School at Plymouth University!
Treat Day 29.04.19
For their excellent behaviour and attitude to learning, Y5 earned a treat day! They decided, as a class, that they would like to make cupcakes!
This half term (Spring 2) our topic is 'Road Trip USA'
Buckle up, sunglasses on - we're going on a road trip across the good old US of A!
It's time to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. Use your map skills to navigate your way around some of its most famous landmarks and send a postcard home to ask the question: Do you wish you were here?
Meet the Iroquois tribe; Native Americans with amazing customs and traditions.
It's going to be a long ride; put down the roof and let the wind blow through you hair - we're off!
Year 5 are taking part in a 3 week programme with Adam, a Plymouth Argyle coach, on Tuesday afternoons.
For 1 hour he will read with a group from the class and then he will take a PE lesson for the whole class for another hour. Below are some photos of what we have been doing.
World Book Day, 7th March 2019
World Book Day was an exciting day for the children at High Street. Have a look at some of the photos of the Year 5 children below!
STEM Activities at UTC
On Tuesday 26th February, Year 4 and 5 too part in some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities at UTC.
Below are some photos of what we got up to:
This half term (Spring 1) our topic is 'Water and Rivers'.
From humble beginnings the river flows down the mountain and into the sea. Pull on your wellies and wade right in. How deep does it go? How fast does it travel? What soil types can you find by the riverside? Let’s meander through the world of rivers, taking a dip into their watery world!
We'll be studying the water cycle, investigating why rivers are important and what they are used for, river pollution and its effects, as well as choosing a river around the world to investigate in depth.
Widening Horizons trip to EE
Below are some photos of our Widening Horizons trip to EE. We learnt about lots of different jobs. Have a look at some photos of our day below!
Widening Horizons trip to Princess Yachts
Below are photos of our fascinating visit to Princess Yachts.