Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Remote Learning page!
Here you will find some activities which are designed to keep you learning over the next couple of days.
Try to complete a maths, reading and writing activity below per day.
Practise your times tables by clicking the picture below:
Try the BBC Bitesize game 'Karate cats' by clicking the picture below. This game focuses on lots of different areas of maths: 
Read the books which you have taken home from school. You should read each book at least 3 times before they are returned to school to make sure you really understand the book and can read it fluently. 
After reading your book try to do one of the following activities:
  • Write down 3 questions you would ask the author
  • Tell someone at home if your book is fiction or non-fiction, how do you know?
  • Re-design the front cover of your book
  • Write a book review for your book
Activity 1 - Watch the video below. Can you write a description of the scenery?
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Activity 2 - Look at the image below- can you describe the characters in the picture?