Year 1

Yesterday Miss Gilbert transported the KS1 and Foundation classes entries for the Royal Cornwall Show. The show takes place in Wadebridge and will see an estimated 120,000 visitors through the gates- including members of the Royal family! The children have been working hard in their topic learning by growing lots of plants and making various things for birds, insects and bees as well as creating their own collages and butterflies. Their entries would have been judged this morning alongside work from children all over Devon and Cornwall- fingers crossed that their hard work has paid off- we may even win a rosette!

You can see some of our entries on the gallery page.

On Saturday, Miss Gilbert will collect the entries to return to High Street. On Monday we will have our own exhibition after school so that children can show parents/carers their amazing work. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Let it Grow!
We have had a fantastic time outside this term in the beautiful weather!
As part of our learning on plants, Year 1 have been growing all sorts of things in our garden including sunflowers, herbs and cress. 
Soon, we will be entering some of our plants and art projects into the Royal Cornwall Show. 
If you have any bright and colourful items going into your recycling bin, please ask your children to bring them into school as we will be making some recycled art butterflies for the show too. In addition, if you have any spare seeds/gardening tools which you are willing to donate it would be much appreciated!
Our memorable experience!
Year 1 came back to the classroom after lunch to find something had wrecked the classroom! Chairs and tables had been knocked over, there was some large footprints and a nest with eggs in it!
The children went on a hunt to find what it was that had made such a mess. They found a dinosaur in the school grounds... please tell Year 1 if you see any more dinosaurs and be careful!!!!
Thank you to everyone that came to Parents Evening, have a lovely Easter holiday.
Paws, Claws and Whiskers
The children have really enjoy this topic. My kitten Dusty came in to launch the topic and the children were able to see all the things that are needed to look after a kitten.
The children have learnt a lot of new vocabulary in our topic lessons such as, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores... ask them to explain them!
We have also begun to learn about the features of different animal groups such as reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and mammals.
Bright Lights, Big City
Our new topic is Bright Lights, Big City. We have had a royal visitor in our classroom... the Queen! She joined us for a tea party. They children had to learn how to bow or curtsey and the appropriate manners and etiquette in the presence of the Queen.
The children though of some questions they wanted to ask the Queen and finding more out during our topic.
Welcome back after the Christmas holidays!! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for the next term in Year 1.
Just a reminder, PE will be on Thursday afternoons and the children are expected to bring in PE kit for this. Homework will be handed out on a Friday and to be returned on a Wednesday. Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested on a Friday, it will greatly benefit your child if you practice them at home together. They are the Year 1 common exception words that they are expected to be able to read and write by the end of Year 1.
Any problems please come and speak to Mrs Layer or myself, thank you for your support.
Miss Halliday and Mrs Layer
Our Memorable Experience
Last week a spaceship crash landed in our school!!!!!
Mrs Layer heard a loud bang so Year 1 went to investigate. We found a spaceship had crashed and thought it was an alien's spaceship. There was slime and green alien footprints. We also found lots of screws and a spanner, the children thought the alien was trying to fix their spaceship. 
Autumn Term 2
Welcome back from your half term, we hope you had a great time and are ready to come back to school for our next topic Moon Zoom!!!
Just as the first half term, if you could listen to your child read each night (doesn't have to be a whole book) and sign their reading record so that their book can be changed. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and is to be completed and put in the homework book basket by the Wednesday. The homework is going to support their understanding of what we are currently learning in school that week. Your child will now also receive spellings each week, these will go out on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday. The spellings are the Year 1 common exception words, your children will know them better as red words as this is what we call them in RWI. Please help your child to learn these over the week, they are expected to be able to read and write these by the end of Year 1.  
P.E will still be on a Thursday but if your child could have their P.E kit in all week that would be great, just in case there are any last minute changes to the timetable.
Thank you for your continued support!! 
The children had lots of fun making Tree Boggarts in Art this week. They each got some clay which they had to make into a pancake shape. Next they pressed the clay against a tree to create an imprint and then found twigs and leaves to make a face.
Our Enchanted Woodland Memorable experience to Mount Edgecombe.
Year 1 and Year 3 went to Mount Edgecombe for their Memorable experience. We had a fantastic time going across on the Cremyl ferry, before exploring the grounds on the other side. The children went on a hunt to identify different trees and flowers. We had lunch sat by the beach, before having a go at throwing stones into the water. We found conkers and pine cones, which some of the children collected before looking around the gardens and the maze. By the time the children got back to school they were all tired out!
Welcome to Year 1 2017/2018
As you know, our first topic is Enchanted Woodlands. Within this topic we will have a particular Science focus.  We will be identifying and classifying trees, plants and animals. P.E will be on Thursday's, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in ready. Year 1 have an unusual addition to the class, Bogdan the meerkat (a teddy). One child each week will be chosen to take him home on a Friday and bring him back on the Monday. He will come home with a book and your child can draw, write or both about the adventures they have with him that weekend.  
Read Write INC will continue to take place and your child will be sent home with a reading book each night. If you could listen to your child read each night that would help them tremendously.
Your child will get homework each week now they are in Year 1, it will be sent home on a Friday and is to be returned on the Wednesday. This is so it is ready to be given out again at the end of that week.
If you have any questions please feel free to come and speak to us.
We really appreciate your support,
Miss Halliday, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Layer
Autumn Term 1
Welcome to Year 1!! We hope you have all had a fabulous summer holiday and look forward to hearing all about it.
Miss Halliday, Mrs Layer and Mrs Clarke
Summer 2 memorable experience!
WOW, didn't the children look brilliant coming in in their brightly coloured clothes!
The children had a lovely afternoon getting creative and making colourful headdresses. Once they had finished, we put our headdresses on and listened to some samba music. The children then started dancing to the music.
Welcome back from the half term!
Our new topic will be Rio de Vida. It looks very exciting and colourful.
The children will be learning all about Brazil, including listening to some typical Brazilian music and making and tasting some food.
In maths, we will be recapping skills we have previously learnt, counting too and from 100 and introducing money, weight and volume.
PE will continue to be on a Monday, so please bring PE kits in. If you could also read with your child each evening, just a couple of pages would be great.   
As you know we are coming up to the children's phonics screening, to support your child at home there are some phonics games online that they can play. There are some free games on, Dragon's Den, Buried treasure and Picnic on Pluto.
Thank you for your support with this!
Miss Halliday
The children have been learning about Florence Nightingale and the differences she made to people's lives. They found out that she helped the hospitals become cleaner, gave the soldiers good food, made sure all the soldiers had a bed and that they got the medicine they needed.
Florence then made an appearance in our classroom so the children could ask her some questions. They also acted out some of the scenarios that might have happened.
Our Summer 1 Memorable experience
The children were having the register taken when they discovered two children were missing. Suddenly, two superheroes burst into the classroom with a letter from Professor Slime!!! He had kidnapped Lucas and Lexie.
We went on a hunt for them around the school, following the slime the professor had left behind. We finally found them but there was no sign of Professor Slime.
Lets hope he doesn't return... 
Welcome back from the Easter holidays!
This term our topic is Superheroes. We will be finding out about everyday superheroes and the amazing things they do. We may even manage to have one visit us! Superheroes have super senses, we will be finding out about ours and how to keep our bodies healthy.
In maths we are continuing to practice adding and subtracting before moving onto measurement and the concepts of multiplication and division. Your homework each week will be connected to the maths that we do in class.
Please don't forget that PE is on a Monday and that you need to read with an adult every night.
Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Halliday
Wow what a start to the Spring 2 term. A dinosaur destroyed our classroom and laid some eggs in a nest in our role play corner! This term we will be learning all about dinosaurs through our ILP topic 'Dinosaur Planet'. We will be exploring dinosaurs and their shape through paint and clay and we will be learning lots of fascinating facts about when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
In guided reading and writing, we will be focusing on dinosaurs too and the children will be writing their own page for a non-fiction classroom book all about dinosaurs. The children have made huge amounts of progress in Read Write Inc and many of the children have moved into higher groups.
In maths we will be focusing on time, naming the days of the week and months of the year. We will then focus on counting to and from 40 and we will begin to introduce the concepts of multiplication and division.
We look forward to seeing you at parents evening on Wednesday 8th March and Thursday 9th March.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Keeler and Mrs Burgess
Our Spring 2 Memorable Experience
The children returned from lunch to find a sign on the classroom door saying, 'Danger do not enter'. When Mrs Burgess had made sure that it was safe to enter, the children found that their classroom had been destroyed by a mystery visitor. There were even branches in the classroom! The children discovered footprints and a nest with some very large eggs in it. One of the eggs had cracked open and there was a baby dinosaur inside. We have moved the nest into our garden just in case the dinosaur wants to come back and visit.
Have a look through the pictures below to see what happened.
Here are some of the exciting activities we have already been doing in our Imaginative Learning Project.
Welcome back from the Christmas holidays. This term we are learning all about Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We will be learning about pets from home and animals that may live in a Zoo. We will be using questioning to think about what the animals look like, what they eat and where they live. We are expecting some mysterious pets to turn up in our vet roleplay corner and it will be our job to look after them. We can't wait!
In Maths we are counting to and from 20 and we are coutning in 2s and 5s. Once we are really good at this we will move onto adding and subtracting and telling the time. Your homework each week will be connected to the Maths that we do in class.
We have started guided reading this term and the children will get to the chance to read with an adult, explore the roleplay corner or puppets and they may even get the chance to start using Bug Club. Once we become very good at using this in school we will be able to share Bug Club with you at home so we can read books with you too.
Please don't forget that PE is on a Monday and that you need to read every night with an adult. Well done to all of those children who have already read over 30 books this term and a special mention must go to Stella who has read 61! Now Stella will get to read to Woody as a special treat.
Our Memorable Experience
Look at who came to visit us this term.
We had a visit from Woody-the school dog, Muddle-the tortoise and Leonardo and Donatello- the turtles. We found out where they live, what they eat and what the naughtiest thing they have done is. It was great fun!
The Tiger Who Came for Tea
Look who has come for tea? We had a special visitor in our classroom to help us re-tell the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Can you recognise our visitor?

Welcome back after half term.


Our new exciting Imaginative Learning Project is, ‘Moon Zoom' and on Tuesday 1st November something very special landed in our school. Check out the pictures of the crash site below. During our topic we will learn all about how to make our own rockets, name the planets, investigate what it would be like to be an astronaut and help the alien return to his own planet.


You may have noticed that your child has moved groups for Read Write Inc. This is great news and it means that they are making fantastic progress.  You are expected to read each night (this doesn’t have to be the whole book: just a few pages will do) and your  book will be changed once you have finished it.


In Maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. We will be learning different ways to add and subtract 1-digit numbers and we will be solving problems using our new skills. It would be fantastic if you could help your children with their addition and subtraction homework each week.

We have been working very hard on learning the words for our Harvest performance song and we have even been making props to go with our song. We hope you can be there on Thursday 3rd November to watch our performance.


PE in Year 1 is on a Monday. You will get homework on a Monday and this will need to be back in school by Friday. Year 1 children will also be given spellings to learn each week and will be tested on these spellings on a Friday.


 What an exciting and fun term this is going to be! We would like to thank your parents and carers for all of their continued support.


Mrs Keeler and Mrs Burgess

What's that outside our classroom door?
On Tuesday 1st November Mrs Scott came running to Year 1s' classroom door because something suspicious had crashed into her office window! She had slime all over her hands. Quickly, Year 1 followed her to the crash site where they found some very mysterious things. There were sparkly green footprints leading away from the office and what looked like a broken spaceship on the floor. It looked like a UFO had crash-landed!
After investigating the site and using special equipment to collect parts of the wreckage, Year 1 waited for the alien to make contact. What is his name? Why is he here? How can Year 1 help him get home? You can see parts of the crashed spaceship outside of Year 1. Keep coming back to our webpage to find out what happens to the alien.