W/b 11th Jan 2021

Welcome to our nursery remote learning page.
Here we will share stories, activities and tasks for you to complete while learning at home with your grown up.
Grown ups please be aware that some links on this page may take you to websites away from the school website so please do not allow children to navigate this page without supervision.
This term our focus is 
Winter - The weather and nature.
Each week we will share a different story, our first story is
Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
If you have your own copy of Stick Man read it with your grown up.  If you don't have a copy listen with your grown up to Axel Scheffler read the story to you.
Areas of Learning - Communication, language and literacy - Reading
Parents - You can enhance your child's learning by discussing the story and asking simple questions, depending on your child's age and development.
Such as...
'What is that?' 'Who is this?' while pointing at an object or character in the book.
'Where is stick man?'
'Where are stick mans family?'
'What is stick man doing?'
'How do you think stick man feels?'
'What do you think might happen next?'
Do you think you can put theses images from the story in the correct order?
 Areas of Learnings - Communication, Language & Literacy - Reading
Discuss the images, what is happening?
Can you recall what else happened in the story?
What is your favourite part?
Can you draw or create your stick family?
 Areas of Learning - Physical development & Literacy - writing. Expressive Arts & Design.
Get creative!
You can use pens, pencils or crayons to draw your family or maybe collect some sticks to create your family.
Think:  What shapes or marks did you use to draw your family?
How many sticks did you use to make your stick family?
Let's get moving!
Areas of Learning - Physical Development, Communication & Language.
Letters and Sounds Aspect 3 - Body Percussion 
Here are some songs, join in singing and doing the actions.
Think, what sounds can you make with your hands, fingers, feet?
Can you stomp? Shuffle? Clap? Tap? Click? Snap?
What other movements can you think of?
This first one you should all know, have fun joining in!
This one is a little bit tricky.  Do your best and have fun!
Listen to or read Stick Man again
Pay attention to the weather changes during the story.
What are the people wearing at the beach?
What are the people wearing in the snow?
After your story get ready and go for a walk
What is the weather like?  What will you need to wear?
Can you put on and fasten your own coat and shoes?
While you are outside.
What sounds can you hear?
What can you see? Look up high and down low!
What can you smell?
How do you feel being outside?
Our older children that are due to start school in September will start their Read Write Inc sessions this term.
Below is a parent information video to explain what Read Write Inc.
During your child's time in nursery we will focus on Speed Set 1.
Initially we become familiar with Speed set 1 by teaching the children to name the pictures.  For example 'a' is in the shape of an apple, 'd' is in the shape of a dinosaur.
After this stage we will begin to focus on the letter sounds.  
It is important that we use pure sounds when learning, below is a video to explain how to say the sounds.
Below are some extra links to other websites that you may want to consider exploring.