Remote Learning Offer

On this part of our website you can find links to activities and learning to support your children if they need to isolate.
There are enough activities to engage your child should you need to undertake a short isolation period while awaiting a COVID test or if they are at home while a family member gets tested.
Should this isolation period lasts longer than 48 hours, your child's teacher will send home the learning the children are completing in class so that they don't miss out. This can be done as paper packs or via email and the class teacher will be happy to chat to parents and carers to support the completion of this work.
If a bubble/class group is asked to isolate, teachers will upload daily work to this part of the website and add videos to explain how to complete the learning. Staff will also contact the class weekly using Microsoft Teams to address any misconceptions and ensure everyone is safe and well.
If you require any further support please do not hesitate to contact the school team via phone call or email.
Happy learning!