Parent Support Advisor

Parent Support Adviser – Mrs Helen Conlon

A Parent Support Adviser’s role is mainly to support you and your child to get the very best from your school by providing support, advice and information. They will help you with any worries you may have in relation to your child’s education, behaviour or attendance, and provide support on how best to deal with it.

Parent Support Advisers will aim to support and help you in the following ways:

  • Provide direct and confidential support with parents/carers in a school context.
  • Offer support with your child’s behaviour.
  • Provide information about school matters.
  • Give opportunities to meet with other parents/carers through regular events.
  • ‘Drop in’ sessions.
  • Provide families with learning opportunites.
  • Offer a home visit.
  • Provide access to parenting programmes.
  • Finding other services to help.
  • Approachable to solve problems.
  • Offer help when changing classes or schools.

What Parent Support Advisers aim to achieve

  • Build your confidence in dealing with difficult parenting issues and behaviours.
  • Support better achievements and attendance at school.
  • Help you to speak with the school.