The School Day

Please find the timings for the school day below:


8.35am - The car park is opened to muster the walking bus group


8.40am - The main gate is opened for drop off and the walking buys departs


8.55am - Registration - the children must be in class at this time 


10.30am - Break time


11.45 - 12.45pm - Lunch for children in YR and Y1


12.15pm - 1.15pm - Lunch for children in Y2 and Y3


3.15pm - End of day for pupils - pick up from the front of school


3.25pm - Walking bus arrives at High Street


When arriving at school and waiting for the gate to open, please observe social distancing. Please be considerate of others - if you wish to smoke, please do so well away from the school entrance. Please also refrain from using bad language at these times.


Pupils are invited join the Soft Start in the morning from 8.40am - they are welcome to come into class at this time.


Once in class the pupils will be provided with Early morning activities and will be supervised by a member of staff. Registration for all pupils begins at 8.55am.


If your child is late to school please go to reception where the office staff will ensure that the door is opened.


Parking / Stopping of cars. Parking should always be away from the school entrance. Please always park considerately and watch for children near the school. Only staff cars are allowed in the school car park.