Cornerstones Curriulum is on it's way to High Street

2nd September 2016
Great news! At the end of the summer term we received a huge parcel containing our new curriulum resources.
The school has purchased the very exciting and innovative Cornerstones Curriculum to enhance the way the curriulum is taught and to inspire the children to engage in their learning. Each half term the children will learn through an Imaginative Learning Project; an ILP for short.
Each ILP will start with a Memorable Experience - to hook the children into the Learning Project. This could be a trip, a visitor or something weird and wonderful like an iceburg in the classroom!
Each project will take the children through a four stage process of learning; Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express so that their learning is fun and has meaning.
We hope the children will really enjoy learning in this way and the best part of it, is that parents will be involved in sharing in the Express stage of their child's learning. The children's homework will also be linked to the theme of the project so that the children will be able to share their learning with everyone at home.
On the curriculum tab you will soon see a Cornerstones page where you will be able to find out more about our new way of teaching and learning at High Street.