At High Street Primary Academy, the Maths curriculum is based on the schemes of learning from 'White Rose Maths'.
These schemes take the content from the National Curriculum and organise the objectives into blocks over the academic year to ensure that all content is covered and given allocated time. An overview of the blocks from each year group can be accessed by following the links below.
'White Rose Maths' then provide further support for teachers by splitting each block into a series of small steps to guide children through the block in a coherent and logical way. For each step, guidance is provided to help children develop their knowledge and fluency as well as reason and problem solve with what they have learnt.
Teachers use their professional judgement, and knowledge of the children in their cohort, to decide how much time and practice should be given to each small step. Teachers provide a series of challenges for children to choose from during their lessons. We encourage children to choose the challenge to work on for themselves based on their understanding of the lesson and what they feel they need to do to improve in their learning. Teacher do though make sure they monitor this to ensure an appropriate choice has been made.
Andrew Chadwick
Maths Subject Leader