Electric Eels (Y5/6)

Welcome to Electric Eel Class!
(Year 5/6)
Welcome to Electric Eel class! Our teacher is Mrs Hedger (and Mr Green on Fridays) and we are also supported by Mrs Couling, our class TA.
Homework 'Menus' are given out at the start of each half term, containing activities linked to our current topic-based learning. One item from the menu is due in each week on a Friday.
Please continue to read and discuss books with your child every day, as talking about the texts, language and characters they read about is an essential part of how children learn.
If you have any questions about your child's homework, or would like some advice on how best to support your child with their learning at home, please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us; we are always happy to help!
Our PE sessions take place on a Friday. Please ensure that your child always has the correct, appropriate clothing and footwear in school in order for them to take part comfortably and safely.
Autumn 1
Our topic for this term is 'Once Upon a Time'.
The children will venture into a range of traditional tales, exploring the heroes and villains of well known stories in a way they have never seen before! In English, they'll create their own wicked villains, writing fact-files and character descriptions, as well as their own spin on a traditional fairy tale.
In our afternoon topic sessions, the children will think carefully about 'what makes me, me?' They will study real-life heroes and consider what makes a person inspirational. They will learn to carry out reliable, independent research and write a biography of their chosen person. As part of our Design and Technology learning, the children will design and make their very own lift-the-flap or pop-up villain to go alongside their fairy tale writing.
Autumn 2
Our topic for this half term is 'The Myth Atlas'.
The children will venture into a range of myths from around the world, exploring the heroes and villains of a range of different ancient cultures. In English, they'll create their own mythical tale, taking inspiration from the stories they have explored.
In our afternoon topic sessions, the children will learn a range of mapping skills as they explore  the origins of a wide range of myths. They will study the physical and human geographical features of each country, as well as learning about different time zones.
 Spring 1
Our topic for this half term is, 'It's a Wild, Wild World'.
The children will learn about the cause and effects of a range of natural disasters. They will use maps and atlases to identify where in the world natural disasters occur and begin to work out what these regions have in common in order to determine why it happens. In D&T, the children will research the structure of earthquake-proof houses and use this to design a prototype, focusing on stabilising/reinforcing structures. Can their structure survive the coming earthquake and flood?
In our English sessions, we will write a journalistic piece about a real-life natural disaster and its impact, as well as an explanation text all about the causes of a chosen natural disaster.