Behaviour Policy

At High Street Primary Academy we know that we pupils are behaving they are able to learn and be taught in an environment which fosters each individual’s needs. It is very important to us that the pupils are able to access their learning without being hindered by low level negative behaviours. Therefore we use a Traffic Light system to promote good behaviour and underpinning the Traffic Light system we have our Golden Rules which all pupils adhere to each day. We reward all pupils who are following the school behaviour policy and all the pupils strive to be "in gold". This means they have been especially recognised by the school community for their excellent behaviour.

Not only is behaviour rewarded but learning is too. In the weekly Achievement Assembly teachers are able to nominate pupils for a Headteachers Award for excellent learning.

When a pupil’s behaviour is under the required standard we work closely with parents to support their child and their behaviour so that they are actively engaged in their learning but also not disrupting lessons for others. We are able to access further support if necessary ensuring the individual pupils needs are catered for.

Please see below for our School Behaviour Policy, Golden Rules Poster and the Traffic Light Reminder poster.